Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Okay, well I suppose it’s time to talk about man sex.

I’ve not written on the topic previously but I claim that that this website is a help-point and yet there isn’t a section about this aspect of our new lives which encompasses new and enriching pleasures to be explored, enjoyed and challenged by.

Starting Over

In our earlier years it’s quite likely that we experienced some fumbling shenanigans with other males, but that was probably some twenty years ago, or so. Now we’re in our middle years and teetering on the brink of a great new adventure and it feels like we’re having to learn to ride a bike all over again with doubts and insecurities aplenty.

For me, I fretted about my age (40, oh the shame!), the size of my dick (not large), the size of my manboobs (too large) and a nagging fear that I wouldn’t cut it as a bedtime Olympian. Well, too much gay porn, sex with the wrong gender and an ageist society will get to you that way.

These are inevitable first night nerves and easy to get over in time. What will definitely smooth your passage, so to speak (!), is the entirely instinctive urges that you’ve suppressed for so many years finally coming to the surface. We are finally behaving as our genes originally intended and I can well remember the point at which I thought, how could something that feels so right, ever be wrong.

So, in no particular order, what follows are some selected case notes from the LG Sex Files.

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