Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Ok, so it is not for everyone, but many gay man do enjoy the prospect of casual cruising in an outdoor environment. True, not many have found the man of their dreams in a bush or at a tea party (in the UK we call it ‘cottaging’) but then again that’s not what we are there for. Outdoor cruising offers no-strings-attached adult fun with a frisson of elicitness.

‘But, isn’t it dangerous?’, people often ask. Well, most of the time, no. Not if you’re sensible and have your guard about you. Knowing when to quit and to recognise people who seem out of place are key also. Even so, we take risks and I’d have to admit to having twice been attacked myself, but still I’ll carry on.

Of course, it perhaps needs to be born in mind that in some places and cultures such practices remain illegal and liable to prosecution. What’s more, where such activities have been decriminalised and gay life has become more open there are those who say it is time for us to follow the fold and abandon such outrez ways. Well, that remains a matter for debate. As George Michael bellowed at snooping reporters who were trying to track him cruising, ‘**** off! It’s our culture!’.

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