Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Oh bliss and glory for the good kisser (or snogger, as we know it in Anglo-Saxon).

To me, snogging is probably the loveliest point of contact between two men.  It can be so tender, so lustful and wonderfully immediate. 

How well I recall my first gay kiss when I was 23.  It was like kissing a live power point.

I’m told that I kiss very well which surprises me a little as I’m not sure what there is to go wrong.  I think the secret is in giving yourself up to the moment and opening up.

Heaven knows, I’m sure we’ve all had experience with the guys for whom snogging is the quickest route to an unwanted pregnancy.  The kind of guy that makes you feel like you’re the villain stealing a kiss off the heroine in a ‘B’ movie.

Mind you, better that than the guys who take as their role model the female praying mantis.  Woah, I think, didn’t this guy have dinner before he came out.  And let’s not forget the biters?!  Hey, if it’s alright with you, I’d kinda like to have that bottom lip in the morning, you know, just in case we’re doing breakfast, perhaps.

I suppose a person’s kissing technique does provide some important clues as to a guys personality.  How secure he is, how relaxed he is with you and how far he’s prepared to take things.

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